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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 1.06 Releasing Today, 1.07 In Development

Update x3: Red Dot Games releases 10 patches in 1 week.


Update x2: Patch 1.08 in development


Update: Red Dot Games apologizes for buggy launch.

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The patches for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 are still coming as patch 1.06 will be releasing today and Red Dot Games have already announced they are working on a seventh patch.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 have had numerous issues since the game was released on July 28 receiving 4 patches in under 48 hours and the fifth patch releasing on July 30.

You can view the changelog for 1.06 and the current plans for 1.07 down below..

– confirmation window after selecting new game
– confirmation window after selecting delete profile
– Salem Spectre missing parts added
– Sakura gt20 missing parts added
– oil cap / oil dipstick / oil drain plug will now not be counted into car condition, also not showing condition
– more tire size added
– body parts are now reperable in repair bench (require last repair skill)
– auto savegame after finishing orders
– ui fixes in junkyard and shed
– Engine Head V8 OHV D missing last Valve Push Rod fix
– Removing gearbox possible without removing driveshaft/front axles fix
– Royale GTR front bumper bug fixed


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– #benchFront in orders fix
– auto savegame after finishing orders
– added Rear Muffler E to the shop
– rare problem with installing wheels fixed
– car sell game crash fix
– fixed using ENTER when mounting group of parts making game hang
– you cannot take off oil cap and dipstick from engine crain now
– some parts need to be disassembled before installing engine on crain now working properly
– missions description now should resize correctly
– upgrade reset now will not reset garage updates
– bug with selling licence plate
– you cannot move car to parking without wheels
– item sell price corrected
– Engine Heads (V8 OHV D) names fixed
– interior assemble and disassemble localization fix
– V8 OHV D fixes
– rotary oil pan bolts fixed

– REPAIR BENCH not showing parts to repair fixed
– WHEELs can be installed properly now. No more “no items to work with” on balanced wheels for some cars
– fixed ingame DLC menu showing wrong installed dlcs
– menu ui fixes
– mazda rx7 exhaust manifold fix
– mazda rx3 exhaust manifold fix
– mazda rx7 air filter box fix
– added TUTORIAL screen overlay information
– Mayen M3 4×4 is now 4×4 not FWD
– Selecting profile will not move you to back Profiles list
– INTERIOR parts are now saved, so if you changed steering wheel or seat it will load it
– fixed bug that make black screen in various location (related to Interior parts)
– performance optimalizations
– small changes in car configurations
– fixed garage collisions
– fixed garage level 2 upgrade shelf clipping


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