Car Mechanic Simulator Patch 1.08 In Development

Posted on by Ryan


Update: Red Dot Games releases 10 patches in 1 week.


In what is really no surprise at this point, Red Dot Games are working on a patch 1.08 for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018. Patch 1.07 was originally supposed to fix issues with the radio, but that has now been pushed back to patch 1.08.

You can view the patch notes down below. (Note: changelog will be updated as more things are added)


fixed quitting by esc from group mount menu
– fixed quitting by esc from wheel balancer menu
– Salem Spectre missing parts added (again)
– Sakura gt20 missing parts added (again)
– updated ssao effect
– added Portuguese language
– fixed FMW Panther mission
– Salem Flamo bumper/fenders bug fixed
– ui fixes
– fixed magnum liveries
– no more #benchFront in orders
– fixed bug in which after canceling group mount items were lost
– engine stand small fix
– quiting without saving game fix
– disabled commandline console
– royale gtr rear bumper/licence plate fix