Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Receives 4 Patches In Under 48 Hours

Posted on by Ryan


Update x4: Red Dot Games releases 10 patches in 7 days.

Update x3: Red Dot Games apologizes for buggy launch.

Update x2: Patch 1.06 releasing today, Patch 1.07 in development.

Update: Patches 1.05 Released, 1.06 In Development

Original: Some call it trying to save face, others are calling it a blessing. Red Dot Games have started to fix its numerous issues they have received for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018. After a couple quiet delays and a negative launch (you can read our review here), the company have released 4 patches in under 48 hours with the latest one being released a little over an hour ago.

You can view all the patches and details down below..


– Welder tool fixed
– Interior tool fixed
– Leaving shed without car bug fixed
– Leaving shed from pause menu bug fixed
– Moving car from shed to garage bug fixed
– fixed skill upgrades working
– Front Exhaust Section (V8 OHV D) fix
– all languages update
– moving car from parking to garage improvements
– esc exit from interior and mechanic mode fixes
– lowering car on the ground without wheels are blocked
– licence plate are now disabled from repairs
– test track black screen fixes
– repair table parts rendering fixes
– fixes in repair table logic
– tablet is now available in mount mode
– pie menu language fixes
– missions loop fix (it could need to start over the game)

– I4 engine fixes
– I4 4×4 engine fixes
– I6 engine fixes
– Rotary engine fixes
– V8 F air filter parts missing from shop fix
– auctions black screen fixes
– taking car from auctions bug fixes
– skipping all cars in auctions bug fix
– added Auctions sounds
– few parts textures and materials fixes
– double car purchase bug fixed
– upgrades will now open with upgrade selected
– Path Test not working bug fixed
– parking car duplication bug fixed
– shed and junk prices balanced
– tutorial ending bugs fixed
– small optimalizations

– I6B engine bugs fixed
– V8 engine bugs fixed
– Polish translation fixed
– German translation braking game bug fixed
– Intercoolers thumbs and names fix
– fixed Dodge Charger engine major bug
– fixed Dodge Challenger engine major bug
– fixed intro movies bugs on some configurations
– temporary disabled radio due to some windows libraries issues (we will work on that)
– Steam integration fixed
– double menu sfx bug fixed
– moving customer car into parking bug fixed
– interior toolkit fix / welder fix
– i6 downpipe fix
– broken “rubber bushings” fix
– oil cap fix
– parts dissapearing/glitching/etc fixes

– Fixed localization bug
– Fixed Splash screen for Poland
– Updated Sakura GT20 model
– Added mouse cursor in Main Menu
– small optimalization fixes
– Dutch language temporaty fix