Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Devs Apologize For Buggy Release

Posted on by Ryan


Update: Red Dot Games releases 10 patches in 1 week.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 has had a very rough launch since its release last week. With so many negative reviews (including ours), and numerous patches released, Red Dot Games had to take to Steam over the weekend to apologize to the community for the buggy launch. Red Dot Games stated..


Dear All,

we are deeply sorry for all those problems with the game.
There are way too many bugs, We are aware of that.
That kind of situation never should happend.

CMS 14 and CMS 15 have around 90% steam review scores, so we are really disappointed by CMS 18 score.
Mostly – by our actions. We made too many mistakes on release.

You have full right to be angry at us, to be disappointed. To make refunds. We deserved it.
We – are disappointed. We worked on CMS 18 since 2015, right after CMS 15.
Whole this series, each part – it’s like a baby to us. We love those cars.
All mistakes we made, are very painful.

But if you still have a little faith in us, please wait a few minutes, hours, days – we are working on fixes 24/7. We won’t stop until CMS 18 will be perfect.

Please give us a chance to fix our faults.
We can’t find words to express how much your support means to us, at these difficult times.

We owe you a great game. And we will deliver it.