No Man’s Sky ‘Foundation Update’ Announced

By Ryan

November 25, 2016


After weeks of silence, Hello Games has announced an unexpected new update for No Man’s Sky will be released this week, known as the “Foundation Update.”  As many of you probably remember, No Man’s Sky has been surrounded by controversy since shortly before it’s launch, so much controversy in fact that Steam and the game’s developer are currently being investigated by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority which was launched in September.  The game quickly went from Most Anticipated Game of 2016 to one of the worst rated games on Steam in a matter of months, largely due to complaints surrounding bugs, graphics quality, and false promises of multiplayer support.

While the announcement from Hello Games today doesn’t state what exactly the Foundation Update does for the game aside from adding “the foundations of base building,” the post does seem to indicate that this update will be the first of many targeted at improving the game based on player feedback received since it’s launch in August.

You can read the full announcement from Hello Games below:

EDIT (4:00 PM CST 11/25/2016): This article has been updated to include additional details about the history of No Man’s Sky, and the controversy the game has faced since its launch, in order to provide background for our readers who are not familiar with the game’s history.