No Man’s Sky Not Multiplayer Despite Previous Claims

Posted on by Andrew

The long awaited space exploration sandbox game No Man’s Sky officially launched today on the PlayStation 4, but many players have been met with disappointment after finding out that the game does not have multiplayer support despite previous claims.

In many interviews over the past several months leading up to release, Hello Games founder Sean Murray made various statements indicating that the game would have multiplayer support.  Even though Murray never outright said that the game was multiplayer, many of his statements very clearly implied that the game did have multiplayer support.  In one interview, Murray even went as far as confirming that you would be able to play with friends and that there was a competitive element to the game when asked by Game Informer senior editor Jeff Cook.  YouTuber CrowbCat has put together a compilation of several of Murray’s interviews, which you can see below:

However yesterday morning, less than a day before launch, Murray posted to Twitter that No Man’s Sky was not a multiplayer game, despite his previous statements to the contrary.

As of late Tuesday, it has been all but confirmed that the game is not multiplayer.  Kotaku reports that streamers TheSadCatcus and Psytokat attempted to meet up at the same location on a planet discovered by the latter, but despite being in the same place at the same time the two were unable to see each other.

This news is obviously a major disappointment those who were looking forward to online play, including many of our community members and staff who were looking forward to exploring the universe together when the game launches on PC this Thursday.    Many gamers have already taken to Reddit and Twitter to express their frustration and disappointment, many of whom feeling that they were deliberately misled about the game.

We have reached out to Hello Games for comment, but have not received a response as of the time of writing.  We will update this article accordingly when we receive a response, or if there are any other developments.