Yu Suzuki Says Koch Media Is “A Publisher We Can Trust”

Posted on by Ryan


Speaking with MCV at Gamescom 2017, Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki said he was very happy to work with Koch Media and their publishing subsidiary Deep Silver. Suzuki said..

“I knew they were good when I was working at Sega, who also has business with Koch Media. We had been hunting for partners, and I’d been hearing from other people as well that Koch Media was a publisher we could trust. They have a very good track record as well, so we decided to see the people at Koch and we came over to the region to see them. Finally, we inked the contract.”

Suzuki also stated that he his happy to see the resurgence of Japanese games within Europe and North America like they experienced in the 90s by saying..

“It’s good news. I’m really happy that people think that way, and I’m happy to know our game will be welcome. I hope this trend is a reality and not just a couple of games. If the entire Japanese gaming industry is really becoming better, I’m very happy to hear about this.”