YouTuber Accuses GameStop Of Getting Him Fired From His Job

Posted on by Ryan

A story that has quickly made the rounds on YouTube comes from YouTuber Camelot331 who made a video last month telling his experience working for GameStop for over 11 years. This story included details about the company and its employees committing fraud by selling new games as used and simply ripping open the seals in order to inflate numbers of used game sales for investors. This has started to receive some major attention with one of them bringing it to light for the masses being fellow YouTuber Cleanprincegaming. In Cleanprice’s video, he talks about the video and event mentions that he reached out to Camelot and revealed a major bombshell accusing GameStop of getting Camelot fired from his current job at an unnamed third party seller of specialty items for Walmart. Since the video came out, Camelot released a video telling his side of the story and did confirm that he has terminated from his most recent position and is currently unemployed.

According to Camelot, he started to receive notifications from his former GameStop associates that their district manager and regional manager were traveling stores and asking them specifically if they had been in contact with him. They also notified him that that they had overheard that both of them were looking to “basically damage me, bring charges on me. Something that nature”

Eventually GameStop found him and reached out to his company’s HR department which resulted in HR having a sit down interview with him regarding the matter. This resulted in them doing “an internal investigation” and saw his boss call him later to let him know of the situation and how it conspired. This boss told him about his former bosses at GameStop reaching out to their company and notifying him of his video.

A week later, Camelot was called back into HR and was informed that he as no longer employed by said company and when he asked for a reason for the termination he was told that the company could not provide a specific reason.

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