xQc Claims Denial Esports Lied About Paying Players Owed Money

Posted on by Ryan

The popular Twitch streamer and former member of the Dallas Fuel went on a short rant on his Twitch channel claiming that Denial eSports still owes their former players from their time in competitive Overwatch money.

xQc claimed that only one players was even partially payed and that player was only paid $200. He did not state which player it was and that the organization collectively owed $2,800 to its players.

Since then, Denial eSports owner Zach Smith stated to unikrn that xQc has failed to respond to their attempts to pay him and stating ‘His contract was not binding nor did we have an obligation to pay the Overwatch Players, but we did anyway to make it all right.’

Denial eSports existed from March 2016 until May 2017 when all their players to form the team Yikes! who rebranded on June 25 as Arc 6.