Xmodule Entering Steam Early Access

Posted on by Ryan


G21 Studio have announced their upcoming sci-fi racing game Xmodule will be entering Steam Early Access on September 13.

You can view a description of the game and the most recent trailer down below..

XModule is a sci-fi racing game where you’ll be able to create your own concept car. First, you’ll choose which module you want to use for your career. The modules are different car setting, one module could be more indicated for offroad tracks, another one could have higher power and higher maximum speed but with a lot of handling weaknesses. You have to choose pretty carefully your module because you won’t be able to change it afterwards. During the game you have to improve your module changing parts and settings. For each component that you’ll change you’ll see a graphic change on the car and for each part that you unlock you’ll be able to print it unlocking a 3D file directly from the game. In this way you can create your game car and own it in reality. This game is conceived as a racing RPG where you have to improve your character that is the car. Our main goal is to publish the game by the end of 2016. The game will be available for Windows and Mac.