XBlaze Code: Embryo Gets Steam Release Date

Posted on by Ryan


Arc System Works and Aksys Games have announced that XBlaze Code: Embryo now has an official release date. Xblaze Code: Embryo will be released on March 1. The story for XBlaze Code: Embryo takes place 150 years before the events of BlazBlue. Key features of the game include…

True Blue: Renegade mages, homicidal maniacs and secret organizations are but a few of the maniacal adversaries that will test your resolve in this epic quest centered in the BlazBlue universe!

New Levels of Immersion: XBlaze Code: Embryo pushes the limits of interactive storytelling by utilizing facial, mouth synchronization, and body configuration to breathe unparalleled levels of life into its characters!

Master the Tides of Fate: The TOi system allows players to read information about the world, thus altering the path ahead. Choose additional information to change your fate and unlock multiple story paths and endings!