Wrestling YouTubers Respond To YouTube Adpocalypse, Start Petition

Posted on by Ryan


Several wrestling YouTubers have started a change.org petition to in response to issues they have faced with the so-called “adpocalypse” going on with YouTube. According to these YouTubers, they have noticed their videos see are sharp decline in the amount of ad revenue earned on their videos. This is due to the word “Wrestling” not being classified as “Family Friendly” to YouTube and it’s advertisers.  Some of these YouTubers who have voiced their issues are Wrestling with Regret, Whatculture Wrestling, and Grim’s Toy Show.

While some might be quick to say that these people just review PPVs or theorize where a story might go, it has also effected those like Tom Cushnie and other CAW (Create a Wrestler) YouTubers who make videos featuring the WWE video games.

You can sign the change.org petition here and view the response video put out by YouTubers down below.