Windows 10 Surpasses 200 Million Installs?

Posted on by Ryan


The last numbers we heard from Microsoft about how many installs of Windows 10 had been 110 million back in October. Now it seems like they have grown way past that number at an exceptional rate.

According to sources for WinBeta, over 200 million copies on Windows 10 have now been installed. This would mean that Windows 10 is averaging around 40 million installs per month.

This is amazing news for Microsoft as they plan on this being the very last monolithic version of Windows and will just be consisting of multiple updates and upgrades as time goes on. It’s still unclear at this time how many of them were updates from Windows 8, 8.1, and 7 and how many were installed by purchasing the software directly for a retailer.

Microsoft is aiming for 1 billion installs of Windows 10 over the next 3 years.