Wind Waker World Record Broken

Posted on by Ryan

All of us have more than likely played some form of game in the Legend of Zelda series, and many of us have spent hours just to finish the game. When it comes to Speedruns from SGDQ or AGDQ Zelda takes up almost an entire day devoted to itself and there is a good reason why. Many Zelda games take hours to complete and many more if you are going for 100%. Well today one of the records has been broken.


Earlier today a player by the screenname Demon9 from Sweden broke the world record for Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker under the 100% run. Now the current world record is 7 hours 3 minutes 58 seconds.This beats the previous record of 7 hours 37 minutes 29 seconds held by U.S.’s own TrogWW. This record, along with 8 of the top 10, was done with the Japanese version of the game.