Wildstar Launches Free-To-Play Closed Beta

Posted on by Ryan

Carbine Studios and NCsoft have announced the launch of the free-to-play closed beta of their MMO Wildstar. All current subscribers are able to automatically join the closed beta while all other players will have to sign up online on Wildster’s Official Site.

Of course the F2P version of Wildstar will have its own features and content including…

  • The Alpha Sanctum
    A new instance that “brings players into WildStar’s world storyline much earlier in the game than ever before.”
  • Madame Fay’s Fortunes
    A randomized reward system that can “turn a tiny investment into big, big shinies.”
  • New character introduction
    The character creation system has been updated, and players can choose where they wish to start in WildStar based on their past experience with MMO games.
  • Loyalty program
    Players who have invested money into the game either through subscription payments, redeeming in-game C.R.E.D.D., or purchasing MTX items will now earn points in WildStar’s Loyalty Program. Points can be used to access additional gear, items, pets, mounts, and more.

Hopefully this means that the game will receive much more positive exposure as NCSoft has had bad luck ever since its release with many layoffs at the studios and a sharp drop in subscriptions.