Whistleblower Reveals Game X Change Practices, Profiting Off GameStop Closures

Posted on by Ryan

Thanks to a whistleblower on the GameStop subreddit, a current employee of video game chain Game X Change has revealed what they consider horrible business practices by the company. This person says that the company are staying open in an attempt to profit off GameStop closures.

The employee even provides screenshots and photos showing sanitize practices. According to one screenshot, their VP of sales says they are instructing employees to not wear gloves because “he read an article” that gloves make things worse.

Managers are also purchasing cleaning wipes with no disinfectant and rubbing alcohol that is only 50%.

Finally the employee stats they have been told to not sanitize discs, just the boxes and not do the fronts of cartridges to protect the labels.

At the time of publishing, Game X Change have not made an official comment.