What Is Until Dawn’s Speedrunning Record?

Posted on by Ryan


Speedrunning is always interesting to watch, especially if it’s for a game that you really enjoy or has just come out. So many people have been talking about the PS4 Exclusive Until Dawn that I started to wonder just how fast people were managing to beat the game, and I found out.

So far there is only 1 posted time for Until Dawn as far as the speedrunning community is concerned. A player who uses the gamertag Mattmatt10111 is the only person to post his time under the Any% category. Matt did it with a time of 4 hours 17 minutes 39 seconds. The 3 categories for Until Dawn are Any%, 100%, and All 8 Survive. 100% and All 8 Survive are still empty, so for those who own the game and wish to say that you have a World Record time, now is your chance.