What Is The Current Fallout 4 Speedrun Record?

Posted on by Ryan


Fallout games have always been popular among the speedrunning communities. With Fallout 3 having 4 different categories alone it shouldn’t be a surprise that at least one would exist for the recently released Fallout 4. While most of us will go explore and spend hours on end doing every side mission, speedrunners have one goal in mind; get straight to the end.

Currently the only category to exist for Fallout 4 is the Any% category. The world record holder for this category is BloodThunder with a time of 1 hour 5 minutes 51 seconds. This time also includes loads. If this run did not count the load times it would be 57 minutes 40 seconds.

Of course this category has its share of rules for those interested in joining the community…

– Timing starts when you gain movement control (3.5 seconds after hitting OK on character creation)
– Timing ends when the HUD goes away before the final cutscene
– Runs must be capped at no more than 60 FPS (PC runs only, consoles are always capped automatically)
– FPS must be shown on screen during the entire run (PC runs only)
– No use of the “Pip-Boy” mobile app
– No console commands are allowed
– No mods are allowed
– Goodneighbour is the proper spelling