Were Xbox One’s Problems Predictable and Preventable?

Posted on by Ryan


In a recent interview with GeekWire, former President of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division Robbie Bach, discussed Microsoft’s struggles after Bach left and Don Mattrick took over his position. Bach said that some of Xbox One’s problems were “Predictable and Preventable.” Stating..

“I think I have two thoughts. The first is, gosh, I think some of that was predictable and preventable. If I’m just honest I would say that. These console competitions last 5, 6, 7, 8 years. I think it shows in the marketplace today. I think Xbox One has put almost all of that behind itself. They’ve got a great holiday lineup. They’re gaining share and volume. … The amazing thing is the console market is bigger now than it’s ever been before. Both companies are selling more units.”

GeekWire also noted that the Xbox One has not sold near as well as the Playstation 4. They asked if Microsoft lost the momentum they had with the Xbox 360 to which Bach replied…

“You would have liked to have seen them done more with the momentum we had. On the other hand, look at what’s going on on Xbox Live. Incredible momentum on Xbox Live. I think it’s a balance thing. I’m realistic enough. I’ve been gone long enough that I no longer say “we”. I say “they,” which is a good transition to actually make. I can be a little critical. I could also say that the team did what they needed to do. They persevered through a rocky patch, and they’re now on the path to making this a very competitive market.”