Weekly Jump Showcases Dragon Quest XI

Posted on by Ryan


The latest issue of Weekly Jump in Japan has a two-page feature on Square Enix’s upcoming game Dragon Quest XI. Most of the information in the magazine details were previously announced, but features some additional details.

You can view highlights from the magazine down below..

  • The protagonist has a strangely shaped birthmark on his left hand. Something happens when it glows.
  • Emma (first page, bottom left) is a close friend of the protagonist who says she’ll undergo the ritual to climb “God’s Rock” with him. The magazine asks, “What is it that they see there?”
  • The Great Tree of Life (second page, top left) floats in the center of the world. It is said the hero can commune with the soul of the Great Tree.
  • The magazine has a number of PlayStation 4 vs. 3DS comparison screenshots, including of the protagonist’s home village of Ishi in the middle of the second page. It’s a small and quiet village located in the valley.
  • There’s a look at the battle system on the lower right of the second page. The PlayStation 4 version sees both the party and the series’ familiar monsters fully realized. The 3DS version shows both the party and monsters in 3D mode, and just the monsters in 2D mode.