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Watermelon Games Has Funds Seized, Blames “Digital Fart Ownership” And Bots

Video game company Watermelon Games have issued a statement revealing that the company’s assets have been seized. The company have had issues in the past with PayPal with customers last month receiving a “payments are currently suspended, delayed response from our online customer service” message on their official website.

Watermelon Games will now sell off some of their assets and IPs. Gwenael “Fonzie” Godde has now even gone on record as to blame political correctness, bots, and “digital fart ownership” for their issues.

The company released the following statement:

“Since the announcement and release of PAPRIUM we have been under relentless attacks from a few individuals who worked day and night to have us fail. This has a name: hate, envy, stupidity.

Unfortunately, combined with the cowardize (or opportunity?) of the biggest internet actors, their actions managed to get our funds (once again) seized making PAPRIUM the biggest game ever developed, manufactured and distributed “for free”.

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We have continuously, over the last 12 years, manufactured and delivered, always exceeding expectations. We defined and shaped our own market with quality and – although retro – innovative products. Many un-matched even a decade later. Each of our games released are new milestones in the retro gaming industry.

However, with the rise of management by bots, political correctness, quantum computing fabrication, design over function and digital fart ownership combined with the recent taste for mediocrity from various worldwide monopolistic internet actors such as Paypal, Amazon and Google, it seems harder, if not impossible for companies of our size to get paid for our work.
First, we ask each of our customers to keep cool, be bold and hold your options tight until further instructions.

Then, (unlike the last 4 years) we decided to voice our issues publicly and fund our fight by selling our most valuable assets and IP’s, this includes:
– Pier Solar & the great architects
– Three undisclosed AAA games for MegaDrive/Genesis and Super Nintendo
– Injection and toolings for manufacturing MD/GEN, Dreamcast, SNES, SuperFamicom and more.
– Proprietary Hardware IP’s including undisclosed High-Grade, No-Latency, Multi-Sync, HDMI upscaler.

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As a reminder to our customers: Selling our IP’s will not affect your on-going orders may they still require a delivery, we will deliver to you no matter the circumstances, as long as you do not cancel your orders.

We appeal to every journalist to do their job: investigate.

We appeal to everyone to use #LOCUSTERY and make this news spread around.

We appeal to anyone in the video game industry to share this (incredible) business opportunity.

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Even if most of us have other concerns in those pandemic times: Keep faith! Locusts steal, mediocres trolls, others do! Thank you for your understanding and sorry again for the trouble.

Watermelon Games are best known for titles such as Paprium and Great Architects.


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