Voice Actor Strike Leads To Unannouned Game Reveals

Posted on by Ryan


As we reported earlier this week, there were several last minute negotiations between several video game companies and voice acting union SAG-AFTRA. Unfortunately a settlement was not reached and a strike has began. SAG-AFTRA promised to release a list of games that would be affected by the strike and the list has revealed several unannounced games including several project names.

Some of the big games on the list are an unnanounced LEGO Marvel 2 and a new Brothers in Arms game. While a new Brothers in Arms was announced previously, LEGO Marvel 2 has not been announced by the developer Warner Brothers Interactive.

Take-Two Interactive have a project under the codename Alligator while EA have several games under different codenames. These include Nut, Odin, Fearless, Timbits, Worlds, and Scorpion.

It’s also worth mentioning that Formosa Interactive LLC., a sound studio that handles voice acting for several AAA developers, mention projects under names such as Project Relay, Project Hogan, Project Bing Bang, Projet Monument, and Project Aries.