Voez Version 1.3 Update Trailer

Posted on by Ryan


Flyhigh Works have released a new trailer for the Switch port of Voez. This trailer showcases the version 1.3 update which will add 14 songs to their library. These songs include..


  • “25 Color Twilight” (Hard) by City Connection
  • “Promise from Another World” (Special) by Raito
  • “Elsa de la Bibliotheque” (Special) by Kitsuka Oto Kanae Yume and composed by nmk
  • “Sayonara Express” (Hard) by Stereoberry feat. Itsuka
  • “Persona Circus” (Easy) by EunoH
  • “Alice in Secret Circus” (Hard) by Kaname Shigeyoshi
  • “Imaginary Friends (Voez Edit)” (Hard) by sta
  • “LILI” (Easy) by Rigel Theatre
  • “Snowflakes” (Hard) by N.M.S.T.
  • “Leviathan” (Hard) by NeLiME
  • “Ragnarok” (Easy) by FIG
  • “Fading Star” (Hard) by ginkiha
  • “Lost in the Nowhere” (Easy) by Rave Cyanide x Lunatic Sounds
  • “To My Friend” (Hard) by TechniKen


Voez is currently available on the Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop. You can view the trailer down below..