Version 1.3 of Mighty Gunvolt Burst Receives Release Date

Posted on by Ryan


Inti Creates have announced that version 1.3 of Mighty Gunvolt Burst will release on December 28. This update adds Ray from Mighty No. 9, Copen from Azure Striker Gunvolt, and Kurona from Gal Gun. Each of these characters will be available for $1.99 each.

You can view an overview of each character down below…


Ray (from Mighty No. 9)

As Ray, unleash powerful melee attacks with her claws, charge and fore her massive Collapse Ray beam, and watch out for her Xel Decay, which slowly drains her health. Recover health by attacking enemies!

Copen (from Azure Striker Gunvolt)

As Copen, turn Element abilities you reserve from defeated bosses into EX Weapons with the help of your combat pod AI, Lola! Take to the skies with Copen’s Mid-Air Dash Z, which allows him to perform multiple air dashes before hitting the ground.

Kurona (from Gal Gun)

As Kurona, fire energy shots from your Demon Spear, and power them up with her Demonic Power to have them temporarily pierce through shields. Float through the air with her Hovering ability, then rain some pain down on the heads of her foes with Kurona’s devastating Spear Drop ability!