Vampyr Developer Diary ‘Episode 1: Making Monsters’

Posted on by Ryan


Dotnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive have released the first in a series of developer diaries for their upcoming game Vampyr. This first diary highlights the process of making monsters.

Vampyr releases this Spring for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. You can view an overview of the game and the dev diary down below..

Vampyr is set in 1918 London, with the city weakened by the recent World War I and ravaged by the Spanish Flu. This setting makes up an important part of Vampyr’s identity. DONTNOD will make players feel the duality that torments Dr. Jonathan Reid, giving them the freedom to choose who to sacrifice and who to save. Every killing has consequences, and it’s up to players to balance their need to feed and grow stronger, with the rapidly deteriorating city of London.