Valve Shutting Down Steam Greenlight Today

Posted on by Ryan


Valve will be shutting down Steam Greenlight today in order to focus on launching Steam Direct on June 13. During this time users will not be able to submit new Steam Greenlight submissions and not be allowed to vote on games that are currently in it.

When asked what will happen to the 3,200 games currently in Steam Greenlight, Valve released the following statement..

“Over the next week, a team here at Valve will be reviewing the list of titles that have not yet been Greenlit and will be selecting the final batch of titles to pass through the Greenlight process. Our goal is to Greenlight as many of the remaining games as we have confidence in.

“There are some titles that will not be Greenlit, due to insufficient voter data or concerns about the game reported by voters. Titles that are not ultimately Greenlit may still be brought to Steam via Steam Direct, provided they meet our basic criteria of legality and appropriateness.”