Vallutaja Leaves Mosaic Esports, Claims Players Are Owed $20,000

Posted on by Ryan



Update x2: Mosaic Esports issues statement.

Update: Mosaic Esports coach Mowzassa implies he hasn’t been paid.


Just minutes after eMIL announced he was leaving Mosaic Esports, another member of the Overwatch Contenders team revealed they are leaving as well. This time it’s DPS Hendrik-William vallutaja Kinks.

Kinks took to Twitter to say that not only was he leaving the team, but also claimed that Dr. Brandon Kim, CEO of Mosaic Esports, owes over $20,000 to players on the roster. Kinks said..

“I think it’s time for me to take a long break from OW. I haven’t had any success these past 6 months and it’s not from a lack of trying. I want to express sincere gratitude to all my former teammates and fans without whom I would not have made it this far. Best of luck to those still chasing the OWL dream. For myself, I’ll take some time off to recharge and return in another game. Lastly, as a warning to others I hope no one else has the misfortune of dealing with Dr. Brandon Kim, this man owes over $20000 to Mosaic Players. “

Note: We have sent a request for comment to Mosaic Esports and are awaiting a response.