Valkyria: Azure Revolution To Have Cross-Platform Support

Posted on by Ryan


In a recent interview with Famtisu, Valkyria: Azure Revolution Chief Producer Youichi Shimomoto, Producer Katsura Mikami, and Director Takeshi Ozawa revealed more information about the game. The big news is that the game will feature cross-platform support on both PS Vita and Playstation 4.

You can view all of the highlights from the interview provided by Gematsu..

  • Significant improvements have been made to the game systems, and development is going well.
  • The battle system has changed significantly, but concepts such as tactics-style battles haven’t changed at all.
  • Since battles can be stopped at any time, players who aren’t good at action games will be OK.
  • The difficulty is still being adjusted, but since you can stop time, they’re thinking about making enemy attacks severe to some extent.
  • It’s an RPG through and through, so you’ll be able to fight adequately with minimal instruction. However, it’s suggested you try various things while fighting since beneficial effects can be triggered in allies when battles are in your favor.
  • At Toyko Game Show 2016, there will be an exclusive playable demo that shows off the general flow of the game. Users who play the demo will get a product code to download the Battle Demo Ver. 2.0 in October.
  • A PS Vita version was announced after hearing the demand from so many fans. They’re trying to make sure that there aren’t any differences from the PlayStation 4 version.
  • Cross-save is supported.