Unreleased Beta For Star Wars: Rebel Strike on Sega Saturn Found

Posted on by Ryan

Amazing new for the archiving video games as ERROR on the Obscure Gamers forum revealed that he found an unreleased beta copy of Star Wars Rebel Strike on the Sega Saturn.

While the game was known to exist, nobody was able to find any images or gameplay of the game until now. This copy appears to have belonged to someone named “Scott” who is believed to have worked at Sega of America. This was one of two Star Wars games in development by Sega with the other being a port of the Star Wars arcade game.

While it’s still unknown why the game was cancelled, some believe it was due to Nintendo obtaining the license which resulted in Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire on the Nintendo 64 and PC.

It’s unknown if the beta will be dumped online for archiving purposes, but many hope that it will. You can view the footage down below: