Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch 2.0.3 Released

Posted on by Ryan


The Unofficial Patch Project Team have released the unofficial Fallout 4 version 2.0.3. This patch adds numerous Actor, Item, Mesh and Quest fixes.

The patch is available for download here and you can view its changelog down below…


Official Patch Merges

  • New keywords for power armor paint introduced with patch 1.10.64 have been added.
  • Keyword data for the Gatling Laser added by patch 1.10.50 has been added. (Bug #23373)

Actor Fixes

  • LCharStingwing was missing its leveled list flags. (Bug #23166)
  • Removed unused script properties from REProtectron. (Bug #22345)
  • Kelly the Brahmin Vendor’s AI package has been fixed so she won’t simply stand idle in one spot anymore. (Bug #23343)

Item Fixes

  • SecurityBar01, SecurityBarBase02: Missing properties added so these will function correctly when used. (Bug #23573)
  • Removed a duplicated item from LLI_Armor_Gunner_Outfit_Arms100. (Bug #23126)

Mesh Fixes

  • Blood packs were missing the plastic tubing other medical packs have attached. (meshes\props\bloodpack.nif) (Bug #23170)
  • Trifold American Flag objects had bad snap point alignments in workshop mode. (meshes\props\trifoldflag.nif, meshes\props\trifoldflag_prewar.nif, meshes\props\trifoldflagempty.nif) (Bug #23215)
  • Glow sights on the Deliverer were too bright, causing bloom distortion. (meshes\weapons\covertsidearm\covertsidearmnightsights_1.nif) (Bug #23366)
  • Fixed a portion of the X01 power armor being out of position. (meshes\actors\powerarmor\characterassets\Mods\PA_X1_Body.nif, meshes\actors\powerarmor\characterassets\Mods\PA_X1_Helmet.nif, meshes\actors\powerarmor\characterassets\Mods\PA_X1_LArm.nif, meshes\actors\powerarmor\characterassets\Mods\PA_X1_RArm.nif) (Bug #23551)

Quest Fixes

  • Molerat encounters at Rotten Landfill should now clean themselves up properly if the molerats are defeated. A missing alias for the second scavenger has also been replaced. (Bug #23602)
  • Cleared invalid properties from REChokepointSC03. (Bug #23068)
  • BoS100Fight needed to have it’s HealthAV property initialized in the script. (Bug #23080)
  • Cleared invalid properties from RETreasureHuntSC01. (Bug #23098)
  • Cleared invalid properties from DLC01REObjectSC01. (Bug #23111)
  • Cleared invalid properties from DLC04MQ00Gunners. (Bug #23118)
  • Fixed RECampKMK02 to point Alias_Friend01 at the correct reference. (Bug #23130)
  • Cleared invalid properties from DN066. (Bug #23143)
  • Fixed RECampSC03 to point a topic info property to the right entry. (Bug #23162)
  • Cleared invalid properties from REObjectJS01. (Bug #23164)
  • Cleared invalid properties from DN102. Also set 2 aliases to optional so the script that clears them can actually do so. (Bug #23230, Bug #23231)
  • Cleared invalid properties from DLC01MQ04. (Bug #23267)
  • Cleared invalid properties from DN083_Barney. (Bug #23316)
  • Flagged 4 aliases as optional in DN143 so that the script that clears them can actually do so. (Bug #23410)
  • Cleared invalid properties from BoS101. (Bug #23470)
  • Cleared invalid properties from FFDiamondCityWanted01. (Bug #23472)
  • Cleared invalid properties from BoS101ArcJet. (Bug #23550)
  • Removed “run on stop” flag from the final stage of MQ102 and corrected the script to close it down properly. (Bug #23077)
  • DLC01REObjectKMK01 had a scene property incorrectly pointing to a static reference. The rearming trigger for the encounter has also been fixed so it will run properly. (Bug #23119)
  • Replaced missing sound marker for DN102. (Bug #23229)
  • Fixed communication errors between the various treasure hunt quests and their master control quest. (Bug #23561)