Ubisoft Execs Fined €1.2 Million For Alleged Insider Trading

Posted on by Ryan


Autorité des marchés financiers, the French stock market regulatory commission, have fined five Ubisoft executive and their CEO Yannis Mallat a total of €1.2 million

Kotaku reports that the five executive sold stock in early October 2013, just mere days before the company announced that Watch Dogs and The Crew would be delayed until 2014. Following the announcement, Ubisoft stock plummited by 26%.

You can view the breakdowns for each executive down below..

  • Yannis Mallat, Ubisoft Montreal CEO – €700k
  • Francis Baillet , Ubisoft VP of corporate affairs – €200k
  • Christine Burgess, Ubisoft worldwide studios exec director – €200k
  • Olivier Paris, Ubisoft Montreal VP of executive operations – €100k
  • Damien Moret, Ubisoft brand development director – €15k