Ubisoft Comments On The Division’s Long Development Cycle

Posted on by Ryan


If you’ve been waiting for Tom Clancy’s The Division to come out we know you’ve been waiting for quite some time as the game has been in development for seemingly longer than the last Duke Nukem took. Well Massive Entertainment has been busy and will remain busy until the game is released in March, but the company finally commented on the matter at hand.

The Examiner recently talked with the Creative Director of The Division Magnus Jansen where he acknowledge that it has been a long development period, but everything is going into place. Stating..

“Yes, we’ve been in development for a long time and we announced in 2013. Trying to do an open-world game, but for co-op as well, in terms of the design challenges, especially on the narrative side, is all so new that it has taken it’s time to get it right and I’m very proud of where we are. I do believe that we did get it very right. Considering the multiple firsts that we’re sort of doing with all of that, I think it has been fairly quick. I’m very happy with where we ended up and with the pace in which we got there, considering the design and technical innovations that were done.”

Tom Clancy’s The Division will be released on March 8.