Twitch Partners With

Posted on by Ryan

image-1629348 have announced they have partnered with Twitch to bring their Tilted Trivia extension to the platform. This will allow Twitch users to play trivia question games based on who they are watching and what they are playing featuring over 3,000 questions.

Mitch Liu, Co-founder and CEO of said in the press release:

“As we built to over five million monthly visits, we learned that interactive trivia games are highly engaging and capture the attention of viewers, Our users earn free virtual coins for prizes by watching streamers and actively participating in trivia, raffle contests and live polls, leading to session times that clock in at up to 40 percent longer.  Tilted Trivia represents the next evolution of this engaging platform, and we’re excited to enable thousands of streamers to deepen their relationships with Twitch’s 100 million monthly active users.”