Twitch Affiliates To Get Sub Buttons This Week

Posted on by Ryan


Starting later this week, Twitch affiliates will be receiving sub buttons with all three tier options.

Much like Partners, subscriptions for Affiliates will be offered at $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99, however Affiliates will only unlock one custom subscription emote per tier while partners can unlock up to 50 subscription emotes.

Affiliates will also receive ad support at a later unspecified date. This is considered to be great news as Affiliates could use this in a progression to stream full-time if they currently cannot afford to do so.

Ethan Evans of Twitch stated the following..

“We designed the Twitch Affiliate program as a stepping stone to our Partnership program, which includes providing several means of monetization to those creators aspiring to reach the next tier in their career. By enabling Affiliates to use Cheering, sell games, and now offer subscriptions, we are leading the industry in offering monetization options to creators.”