Todd Rogers Banned From Twin Galaxies Scoreboard

Posted on by Ryan


The world-famous Twin Galaxies have made a post announcing that competitive gamer Todd Rogers has been removed and banned from the Twin Galaxies’ Scoreboard.

This comes after several investigations over the past year involving his world record 5.51 run on the Atari 2600 game Dragster. This includes a TASbot video by Omnigamer showing that the fastest possible time is a 5.57 and even Dragster creator and Co-Founder of Activision David Crane saying that it a 5.54 could be possible.

This blew up again last week after YouTuber Apollo Legend posted a video (down below) going into detail about how Todd Rogers and a former judge at Twin Galaxies colluded with several world records despite never being able to show proof of these. This includes high scores in Barnstorming, The Legendary Axe, Donkey Kong, Wabbit, Centipede, Donkey Kong Jr., and Galaga.

Since the video was uploaded, many have not only questioned the integrity of Todd Rogers, but also Twin Galaxies. Some consider this to be a save-face measure for Twin Galaxies.