tinyBUILD Games Talks The Final Station

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In a little under 2 weeks, gamers will be allowed to board the train to Metropole in a post apocalyptic world. On our way we will stop at other train stations for food and find survivors that can board the train with you. Will you allow them to board the train with you, or leave them to die? Decisions will be made on our way to The Final Station.

We recently sat down with Yulia Vakhrusheva of tinyBUILD Games who will be publishing the game on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 to discuss The Final Station, inspirations, and what the game has in store for us.

GC: We really haven’t seen that many games feature locomotives in the past and those that have really haven’t played such a large role. What inspired that decision?
Yulia Vakhrusheva: When Do Your Best Games team – Oleg Sergeev and Andrew Rumak –  started working on The Final Station, they only had one description for it “ a game about trains”. They wanted to breathe life to all these embellished images that we always have about trains and adventures. One of the inspirations was the image of train travel from Final Fantasy VIII, it was a small segment of the game, but it was giving a powerful feel of adventure. However, The Final Station is more intense, it’s less about chilling on the train, and more about taking a couple breaths before the next fight.

GC: Will The Final Station have detective elements as items will be found left behind telling a story as to what happened?
YV: We are not calling them detective elements, but yes. We are trying to create as many background storylines as possible. Oleg is a big fan of Viktor Antonov idea of one texture being able to tell entire story. Our goal is to show that every room in the game has a purpose, and every station has several backstories to tell, many of them connected to other stations.

GC: What inspired the art style of the game?
YV:  Not sure. We were trying to choose the most fitting style for the game, and that’s probably it.

GC: What are the Infected?
YV: Can’t share much here without the spoilers! But we did go away from “zombies” image.


GC: How large of a role does your ethical decisions play throughout the game?
YV: We try to make it more of a player decision, so it will depend only on a player and his immersion.


GC: What kind of perks will we see as we pick up survivors throughout the game?
YV: One type of the reward survivors will give you when you deliver them to safe zone. It can be money, ammo, and even weapon upgrades. And there is another reward, which we cannot disclose now.

GC: What is the Final Station? Is it our destination?
YV: That is correct, our goal is to reach the final station. In the game it’s called Metropole, and the hope is that all the remaining survivors took shelter there.

GC: Games from tinyBUILD are no stranger to Easter Eggs. Will The Final Station be no different?
YV: No comment.

GC: The Final Station will be released on August 30 for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Will that be an Early Access version or will that be the full game?
YV: It’s going to be the full game release.

GC: Where can our readers keep up with The Final Station?
YV: You can follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/FinalStation_en or directly on steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/435530/?snr=1_5_9__205

We would like to thank Yulia and tinyBUILD Games for taking the time to do this interview with us.