Time To Shoot Alpha Demo Released

Posted on by Ryan


M4347 announced that their game Time To Shoot will officially be releasing their Alpha Demo today. The game will be available for free via IndieDB starting at 8pm GMT. M4347, better known as Matt, has been busy lately working on several different changes including item revisions, adding a health bar and shield bar, a weapons bar, objective boxes, and of course a boss itself.


Of course, some have wondered kinds of bug fixes have been fixed for this beta and M4347 has provided a full list of fixes made…

  • Rockets no longer fire through walls
  • Rockets now explode on wall/item collision dealing damage to enemies in range
  • Guns no longer creating hit effects at wrong position
  • Collision issues fixed
  • Mouse control smoother
  • Smoother level transitions
  • Enemy spawn effect added
  • Performance improvements