Tim Sweeney Defends Epic Games Store Exclusivity Strategy

Posted on by Ryan

The Epic Game Store has had its share of controversy with a majority of it being related to their exclusivity strategy. While responding to fans on Twitter, Sweeney defending the company’s exclusivity strategy when a fan asked why Epic Games “yanks” games from Steam such as Metro: Exodus.

Sweeney said on Twitter:

This question gets to the core of Epic’s strategy for competing with dominant storefronts. We believe exclusives are the only strategy that will change the 70/30 status quo at a large enough scale to permanently affect the whole game industry.

Sweeney also said that Steam’s high 30% cut for each copy of a game sold on the platform was “a disastrous situation for developers and publishers alike.” Hence why Epic Games Store has a 88/12 cut compared to Steam’s 70/30 cut.