TIGA Partners With The DCMS

Posted on by Ryan

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in the United Kingdom have announced they have partnered with TIGA to promote health messages related to COVID-19 into more homes.

This partnership will see partnership will see ‘Stay at Home, Save Lives’ messaging appear in several video games from popular studios including Rebellion and Codemasters.

Dr. Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA, said in a press release:

“Getting through this crisis requires a collective national effort, and it is great that the video games industry can play their part in promoting key health messages and encouraging users to stay at home to save lives through this initiative.

“Promoting key health messages through video games is an innovative and dynamic way to promote key information and health warnings to more UK households. This will be particularly effective amongst the young, who will be feeling the effects of isolation and social distancing having finished school early. Young people spend more time playing video games, which is why targeted messaging in video games will be effective in reinforcing the Government’s message.

“I encourage TIGA members and video games businesses to get involved with this endeavour, to join the fight against coronavirus and to promote these key messages for their users’ safety.”