TIGA Asks Government To Make TAP More Available

Posted on by Ryan


The United Kingdom has a rich history when it comes to the history of video games and its contributions to the industry. So it would be appropriate that many would like to see more access to conventions. TIGA has now called on the Government to improve the video games industry’s access to trade shows around the world. This is done in the form of TAP which provides access to video games companies based in the U.K. to travel to different conventions and events to show off their games. However, TIGA feels the program is insufficient and inaccessible to many.

TIGA have asked the Goverment to do the following:

  • Retain and improve Video Games Tax Relief (VTGR), which was introduced in 2014 following a successful campaign lead by TIGA. The VGTR reduces the cost of games development, making our industry competitive against our overseas rivals who benefit from similar schemes.


  • Ensure that the industry continues to have access to highly-skilled workers from the EU and EEA with minimum red tape and cost. To compete on a global level, the video games industry needs access to the best and brightest talent.


  • Introduce a Games Investment Fund. This would make grants or loans available to games businesses on a matched funding basis, as well as provide entrepreneurs with guidance and advice to ensure that video games exports continue to increase.


Dr Richard Wilson OBE, Chief Executive of TIGA, said in a press release:


“We look forward to the publication of the Government’s Export Strategy. It is important that businesses have the support and advice to ensure they can take full advantage of established and emerging markets across the world.

“Increasing exports requires a cross-Government effort. The Home Office needs to look carefully at the future of immigration, while at the same time we will work with the Treasury to improve and retain the VGTR, and continue our campaign to introduce a Games Investment Fund.

“The video games industry is extremely export-focused and we are looking to build upon our strong track record.”