The Royal Children’s Hospital Ask Trainers To Not Drop PokeStop Lures Near Hospital

Posted on by Ryan


There are many Facebook groups for Pokémon Go players around the world and some have tried to do what they believe are for good causes. One of these comes from the Pokémon Go Melbourne group where group administrator Dan Buhari suggested an idea to post lures near the Royal Children’s Hospital so children who are hospitalized would be able to play the game from the comfort of their own rooms.

While the intent was good, a spokesman for The Royal Children’s Hospital reached out to Buhari and released this statement to him and the group…

“Dear Dan, thanks for your message and lovely intention.

Unfortunately, Pokémon Go can create many challenging issues, as well as safety concerns, for the hospital and patients, and may impede medical staff in their work.

Patients at the RCH are among the sickest in Victoria.

While we understand everyone’s good intentions, we would prefer if people did not place ‘lures’ at the RCH. We have lots of entertainment and distractions for our patients, who are confined to wards and unable to move about the hospital. Placing lures around the hospital, when children cannot leave their rooms, may create unrealistic expectations, and subsequently, much disappointment.

We’d appreciate if you would not encourage ‘lures’ being placed here.

Please let us know if you’ve any questions, and thanks again – we know everyone means well, and appreciate that the kids are in their thoughts!

Thank you!”