The Making of Fallout 76-Noclip Documentary Released

Posted on by Ryan


Danny O’Dwyer and the Noclip team have released their latest documentary with this one being the first one in the series where the team were able to see a game before it was officially announced.

In the documentary, they sit down with several developers on the project to show some behind-the-scenes stuff and reveal more information about the upcoming game.

You can view the tidbits down below:

  • Map will be four times the size of Fallout 4
  • Many insect enemies including both fed and unfed ticks
  • Intelligent plants will be enemies
  • Includes many mythical creatures of West Virginia folklore including the Grafton monster, Flatwood monster, Mothman, and Snallygaster.
  • No private map or offline mode
  • There are some limitations to where C.A.M.P. can be placed in order to prevent griefing
  • Every time you level up, you receive a Perk card. There are limits to how many you can have active at one time
  • Perk cards are shareable within your party
  • The ability to have a robot vendor is being considered
  • The game will feature microtransaction,s but strictly be cosmetic.


Fallout 76 releases on November 14. You can view the full documentary down below: