In the mid 2000s Rockstar Games were changing the world with the 3D universe Grand Theft Auto Titles and the release of Bully at the end of 2006. Around this time, everyone had heard of Bully in numerous forms. While not as popular as its GTA counterpart, Bully managed to sell 1.5 million copies by March 12, 2008 according to parent company Take-Two Interactive.

Around the same time, a Spanish studio called Novarama wanted to make their own version of Bully. Known as Wild Summer, this game would see you play as a 16-year-old named Stanley Parker and would take place in the fictional city of Sun City. The game was shown off at E3 2006 and thanks to Japanese outlet 4Gamer, it’s been archived that it would have been an open-world title where the player would be able to do many different things. This would include a heavy parkour element, joining a gang, and chasing women. One of these women is named Jessica who seems to be the main love interest of the title.

While no exact reason has ever been given Wikipedia states the game was cancelled due to a publisher restructuring which saw most of the development team laid off. One could also say that they were forced to move on to other projects as the company released Monster Band in 2008 for DS and released the first in the Invizimals series release for PSP on 2009.

It’s very sad that this could could never come to fruition is some way. With Bully having a cult-like following over 15 years later and articles detailing anything Bully 2-related receiving loads of eyeballs, one could make the case that the demand is still there.

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