The Game That Never Was: Metal Arms 2

Posted on by Ryan

A couple weeks ago we talked about Swingin’ Ape Studio and a cancelled project called Guerrilla Jungle Revolt. While we noted that this project started Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, this wasn’t the only project they attempted. Since Glitch in the System ended with a cliffhanger, it shouldn’t be a surprise to fans that that a sequel started shortly after launch and would have released on the Playstation 2, GameCube, and Xbox.

To say that this game had a short development would be an understatement. It’s believed that the project started and ended in under 6 months due to the studio being hired by Blizzard to work on Starcraft: Ghost after dropping Nihilistic Software. So while half the studio were working on Guerrilla Jungle Revolt, the other staff members worked on Metal Arms 2.


While we know why the game stopped development, there is still very little known about the game itself outside of characters. Some characters that were made public were an elite Mil shock trooper named Commando, a hit-and-run buggy named Pinto, and the next-generation Titan known as Goliath.