The Alliance Alive Combat Trailer

Posted on by Ryan


Atlus have released a new trailer for their upcoming game The Alliance Alive. This new trailer introduces the game’s combat system.

The Alliance Alive releases in North America and Europe on March 27. You can view an overview of the game down below…

Each character has a collection of “Battle Arts” that’ll unleash a fury of attacks on opponents. In the middle of battle, spark an “Awakening,” a mechanic that can randomly trigger when using Battle Arts. These “Awakenings” can either level up the art being used or unlock a new, related art. Keep using your Battle Arts and the “Ignition” gauge will build up. Once full, unleash an ultimate attack called a “Final Strike” to deal some major damage against enemies.

Attacking enemies, taking damage and having a party member get KO’d all also build up the gauge, so think strategically about how to approach a fight.