Tfue/FaZe Clan Contract Reportedly Leaked

Posted on by Ryan

It seems that the story involving FaZe Clan and Turner “Tfue” Tenney has been made even more interesting as it appears that the contract between both parties has reportedly been leaked by a “non-FaZe member” to The Blast.

The supposed contract is 13 pages long and backs up claims by Tfue that FaZe Clan takes 80% of sponsorship deals that brought to him by the organization and that he was restricted on joining other organizations with the contract saying that all other offers from other teams had to be brought to FaZe Clan. It also states that if Tfue was made an offer within three months of the contract ending, FaZe Clan must also be informed, and if they chose to match the offer, their exclusivity right would return.

At the time of publishing, nobody within the FaZe organization have commented on the legitimacy of the supposed leaked contract.