According to a Reddit user going by Thirleck, GameStop have given out raises to Regional and District Managers within the company. Siting multiple sources, the Redditor claims that both managers received a flat percentage increase in pay and alleged this decision was made to possibly halt a mass exodus of District Managers within the company.

While it’s said these pay increases were quietly done last month, the timing of this would be disastrous if true. This comes after news that GameStop employees in Lincoln Nebraska walked out earlier this week marking the fourth time in 6 months that a store in the area have had their entire staff walk out on the job. The story was originally posted in the Lincoln Nebraska subreddit back on June 5, but went viral yesterday after Kotaku published an article about the walkout with just shy of 150,000 likes and 15,000 retweets on Kotaku’s Twitter post alone.

While we are classifying this as a rumor as nobody has been able to publicly confirm these pay raises took place, many believe them to be true simply because it’s GameStop.