Super Smash Bros. Project Director Wanted Geno In Game

Posted on by Ryan


Many fans were disappointed that Geno was not included in Super Smash Bros. after it was teased during Nintendo Direct and ended up just being a Mii fighter costume. Not only were those people disappointing, their own project director was as well.

In a recent interview with Nintendo Dream, Super Smash Bros. Project Director Masahiro Sakurai thought Geno would have been a perfect fit for the game and wanted him featured in the game as well. Stating..

“He has a gun for a hand, and I think he fits in really well with Smash. During Brawl, I thought it would be great if I could add him, but in the end it didn’t become a reality. He’s very popular. When talking about older characters, Geno always gets a lot of requests.He didn’t appear as a fighter, but I was able to achieve something kind of close to that as a Mii Costume.”