Super Robot Wars V Releases In Japan

Posted on by Ryan


Super Robot Wars V has just released in Japan on Playstation 4 and PS Vita. The Super Robot Wars is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and the latest release in the franchise has some new system features that weren’t release before now.

You can view details on both system features down below..

New System Feature: “Extra Action”

A new parameter called ExC (Extra Count) has been introduced. Accumulate ExC by fulfilling certain conditions such as attacking enemy units on the map, or leveling up a unit’s main pilot. Use accumulated ExC to activate a special “Extra Action” command, which allows a range of special moves such as “Boost Dash,” “Direct Attack,” and “Smash Hit.”

New System Feature: “Extra Order”

The battleship-specific “Extra Order” command uses ExC in exchange for granting special effects to surrounding allied units, such as “Emergency Recovery,” “Focus Up,” “ExC Up,” and “Recover Action.” Except for “Focus Up,” none of the commands can be used on the player’s own unit.