Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels World Record Broken

Posted on by Ryan


Super Mario Bros. 2, also known here in the States as Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, is one of the most interesting games in history if you pay attention to its history. To think that this was the game that Nintendo considered “to hard” for Americans which is why we got a repackaged version of Doki Doki Panic. Just like most classic Mario games The Lost Levels is popular in the speedrunning community.

Today a player who goes by Suzu_Rin just set the world record for Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels under the Warpless 8-4 category. Suzu did it with a time of 22 minutes 54 seconds. This beats the previous world record held by BigJon and their time of 23 minutes 38 seconds.

The rules for this category is actually quite simple for those interested in getting into it…

This category only accepts the NES version and ports of it. See Warpless D-4 or Warpless 8-4 (SNES) for the All-Stars remake.
Turbo/Autofire is banned.
Please add the emulator used in the comments.
PowerPak, Everdrive or other means to play FDS games on a NES or Famicom without an FDS are not tagged as Emulator, but if you used something like that please mention it in the comments